1. Account

An account for everyone without exception

A Discontu account may suit you more than a traditional bank account. You don’t have to visit the bank branch, nobody verifies your credit history, and nobody asks if you will have a stable cash flow to your account. If you are in Poland only for a while for visit or work purposes- you do not have to sign binding contracts – choose a prepaid card with a unique IBAN account number.

Easy account activation without unnecessary formalities

If you want access to all card functionalities, we need to confirm your identity and verify your home address. For this purpose, we will ask you to scan your ID card and an additional document confirming your address, e.g. your electricity bill, using the Discontu application. During registration, we will also ask you to make two Selfies using your phone. They will only be used for security purposes so that we can identify you if, for example, you forget your login details or your account is blocked.

Quick account blocking in the event of theft

Have you lost your card? Instantly lock and unlock your card in the application.

2. Card

Contactless Debit Card

Mastercard® contactless payment technology is a convenient alternative to cash payments. You can easily, quickly, and safely pay for all purchases regardless of the price. Payments above PLN 100 are protected by a PIN code. By using proximity technology you save time and avoid touching the terminals. You don’t have to carry cash and coins for smaller purchases.

ATM withdrawals and cashback

Traveling with large sums of money can put you at risk of losing them. Withdraw cash from an ATM when you need it. Use ATMs around the world that accept Mastercard.

You can withdraw cash during everyday shopping, for example in a supermarket, at a gas station, or in local chain stores. When paying by card, inform the seller that you want to withdraw money at the same time. It is always one transaction confirmed with a PIN and its amount consists of the purchase value and the withdrawal amount.

3. Topping up a prepaid card

There are several ways to top-up your account:

  • Traditional transfer from another bank
  • Adding a card from another bank – for instant transfers. You can also scan the card.
  • Online top-up (including BLIK, Pay By Link) – quick payment from another bank account.
  • Ask for another Discontu user for a top-up – free and immediate
  • Neosurf vouchers – vouchers for payment on the Internet without providing personal data

4. Payments

Pay with the application on the phone

Nowadays smartphones are constant companions of people. Customers prefer to make mobile payments: using applications or QR codes. Pay for your electricity and telephone bills or transfer funds to your loved ones with just one click on your phone.



Bank transfers are a very fast way to send money and are much safer than withdrawing and paying in cash, as you can see the digital trail of transfers made from one account to another. You can do foreign transfers from Discontu Prepaid Mastercard also in the SEPA or SWIFT system.


Card and cash payments

You can pay for everything you plan with your Discontu Prepaid Mastercard. You can shop in-store or online, make in-app purchases or withdraw cash at ATMs around the world.

5. Transaction history

Track activity on your Discontu account, view monthly expenses, set budgets, and accumulate savings on sub-accounts in addition to your daily expenses.